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3 Hot Tips for Finding Great Domains

Here are three quick and easy hot tips for finding a domain with the juice to get you to the top of the search results.

Tip #1: Search for single letters

Having trouble finding a domain with your keyword? Instead of searching for keywords, try just searching for an “a”, or “u”. My mother says she heard somewhere that words with “k” in them are attractive. So search for a domain with a “k” that’s related to your niche. Be creative.

Tip #2: Order results by PageRank

You will get through the list quicker by searching for sites ordered by PageRank. Click the column header ‘PageRank’ twice to see the results listed from highest PR to lowest. Each page of results must be ordered separately.

Tip #3: Determine age of the domain

Once you’ve found high PR domains, you want to find the most suitable one that is the oldest. Older domains are said to be ’stronger’ in Google. Simply click the ‘Age’ link on the search results page, or use this tool to determine domain age of bulk domains.

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