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Backorder Domain Names From DeletedLIVE Results

One of the very helpful tools in the DeletedLIVE results is the “BD” column, AKA; “Backorder This Domain”.

Once you have found the high PageRank domain you want that is expiring (you’ll have to check the WhoIs data to see if it’s been renewed within the last 24-48 hours), you can place a backorder on it which places you in an auction for the expiring domain. We link directly to the NameJet Backordering service for domain backordering (strictly because they were the only ones who made it easy enough to do so). Coincidentally, today I read this press release that NameJet has formed a relationship with two of the major domain registrars, Network Solutions, and eNom.

Here’s an excerpt from the release:

“Working with top registrars like Network Solutions and eNom, gives us exclusive access to an extensive inventory of domains that includes some of the most sought-after expiring names in the industry,” said Jeff Grosman with NameJet. “Our service provides industry-leading search and sort features and auction functionality that makes the process for finding deleted and expired domain names more efficient, while also allowing our customers to participate in auctions with ease.”

NameJet’s service allows customers to pre-set the maximum auction price that they are willing to pay for available domain names. Customers will only pay if the domain name they want becomes available and they are the only bidder or win the multi-bidder auction. NameJet’s auction platform includes domain names on top registrars lists of expired “Pre-release” domains, a “last minute board” that allows customers to closely watch an ending auction, the ability to place backorder requests on any domain name including currently registered domain names, an easy-to-use interface, and access to expired .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info top level domains as well as .tv premium names.

I’ve contacted NameJet to see if we can tie into their system a little more closely than we already are, but there is no available API to tie into, so the way it is, is the way it is, for now.

I really like this service because it has many advantages. (If you’re planning on backordering a domain name, read this recent post I did on how to backorder an expiring domain name.)

  1. It’s free to place a backorder on as many domains as you want. You only pay when you actually get the domain. Most of the other services require you to pay a fee up front, and in the case of GoDaddy the fee is non-refundable if you don’t get the domain (which is f****d up).
  2. They have lots of pull with the major registrars (from what I can gather with the little bit I know, they are an arm of eNom). Having this great relationship with the big guns help you get into the auctions more effectively. Kind of like a preference, but I am in no way implying that there IS a preference (toward NameJet by the big guys).
  3. They have the power of huge server resources to be first in line should any bidding occur for a particular domain. I don;t have any numbers, but if you consider the scale of the first two points, the third point is an accepted obvious conclusion.)
  4. Their live support was immediately available. When I called to inquire about hooking up to any API they have, my wait on the phone to talk to a real person (who was a very friendly, sexy sounding woman) was under 15 seconds. That in itself is worth the price of… oh wait, this service is free - the best part about it. Ya, you have to give a credit card # when you sign up for an account, but how else are they going to grab your new domain in a snap when it becomes available?

So, that’s why we link to NameJet, and don’t make a dime, instead of hooking up to GoDaddy, where we can make money, but it is a complete nightmare for you, our users. So, you’re welcome.

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