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How To Grab an Expired or Expiring Domain

While we’re doing our best to provide you with a helpful tool for FINDING high PageRank expiring domains, once you’ve created a list of domains with all the SEO qualities you like, the next big question arises… “how do I GRAB expired domains?”

Well, there are several places you can go to backorder domains that are about to expire, but you’ll want to use a service that has the power and pull to obtain your domain THE INSTANT it becomes available, or else someone with more power and juice will steal it from you.  Power and pull comes in the form of server power and relationships. - ‘How much server power can you throw at being the first into the domain’s registrar the instant the domain expires?’ …and ‘how healthy are your relationships with the registrars?’.

When it comes to obtaining high PageRank domains with good age value, links and high keyword SEO value, you’d better bet you’re not the only one hoping to claim the goldmine - so having power and pull, pays.

So, who are the domain backorder specialists with the power and the pull?

Here they are, with a brief summary of the benefits of each, but Mike Davidson has created a most excellent post on his experience with this very subject, entitled, “How to Snatch an Expiring Domain“. A strongly suggested read if you’re at all serious about learning how to do this whole thing. - Owned by Network Solutions, so you know it has power, and pull. This domain backorder service is free, but there is a minimum bid of $59 for each back-ordered domain. We’ve used it, and liked it. - This domain backorder auction service seems a little funky, but has the power and pull to get your domain for you. - Once known as, all services have been migrated to NameJet. We have hooked up our tool to NameJet for instant domain backordering, because it was easier than the other two.

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Website Magazine


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